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iLike is an all-in-one utility geared towards purifying your iPhone, iPad and iPod
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11 March 2015

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If you wish to make a complete transformation of your entertainment with particularly good overall management of your iDevices then simply it’s not possible with iTunes or any other software. Therefore developers have understood your liking for an application and have brought a tool namely iLike 1.4.0 which will suite you life with Apple devices. This software application is the ultimate tool which is capable of changing the way you used to go along with the iProducts and make it even better experience unleashed with them. The utility is light weight and is specifically created for the demands that Apple users have been making that can enhance their love for it.

With iLike 1.4.0 you will be empowered to carry out several kinds of tasks. To start with iLike 1.4.0 acts as a terrific transfer utility. Be it your iPod, iPad or iPhone, iLike 1.4.0 provides a great source which can enable you to transfer files from these devices into your Mac computer or iTunes. In this way you will have a choice of storing the important files along with your favorite music files as back up in your PC. Next facility that iLike 1.4.0 promises to deliver is cleaning of the iDevices. With strong scanning algorithm the tool can see through all the files and folders of your iPhone and locate all the junk files and can erase them. After all the cookies and damaged files are removed you are sure to find a great performing iOS in your iPhone. Now if you wish to look all that is contained in your Apple product quickly without hassle then iLike 1.4.0 provides a super cool dashboard made for solely this purpose.

iLike 1.4.0 is a versatile software application that is capable of transferring of files among iDevices and Mac, cleaning iPhone and acts as perfect iTunes browser. We allot it a score of 3 rating stars on account of its whole range of interesting features.

Publisher's description

iLike is an all-in-one utility geared towards purifying your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It offers a new approach to system maintenance that will: transfer files like music from your iOS device to your computer, reclaim more free space on your i-device by removing various temporary and useless files, browse your backup files of your iPhone like a normal USB flash drive.
The Ultimate File Transfer Utility for Your iPhone, iPad & iPod
iLike enables you to transfer files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer easily. With just one click, your music files, photos, videos, apps, contacts, messages, and notes will be exported and kept protected safely.
Free up Space on Your iPhone and Keep Your Device Like New
The junk files slow down iOS system¡¯s performance and worse, take up valuable space of your device after a period of use, that¡¯s why iLike is uniquely designed for many iPhone owners, providing very effective tools to clean up your iPhone to release some extra space.
An Easy Way to Get Direct Access to Your Device¡¯s File System
iLike reads the information of your i-device and presents the content intuitively to you in an organized dashboard. With the System Library tab, the program allows you to view, open, browse, add, delete and export documents and files from your iOS device.
Offers an Easy-to-use Backup Tool and iTunes Backup Browser
iLike also provides a simple backup tool, which helps create a backup of your iDevice. The iTunes Backup Browser lets you seamlessly view, browse, and export your iTunes backup files including photos, contacts, messages, notes, call log, calendar entries, Twitter or Facebook list files.
Version 1.2.4
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